How it all started.

Posted: Feb 17, 2020

    January 2011, Operation Metro, on Battlefield 3 is where PDHM was born. Founded By Richard Rivera (CEO) and Marcus Anderberg (CAO),  PDHM was an infantry-only platoon at the time. PDHM had an outstanding record in BF3, boasting an impressive 68-5 Win/Loss ratio and maintaining a platoon average 2.25 K/D ratio. 

    October 2011, was a pretty big month for PDHM. Prior to the Preparation for Battlefield 4, Richard and Marcus decided to expand the platoon into an Infantry & Vehicle based platoon. Christopher Munroe (MyGunHasNoAmmo) and Ryan Laks (PDHMJerz) were assigned to lead the vehicle Division for PDHM.  Throughout the Competitive season for Battlefield 4, PDHM continuously made it's sure that the organization's presence was felt whenever they had a squad in any server, at any given time. The members of PDHM were more than just a platoon, they were a family. A family that knew how to shift the gameplay of any given battlefield game. 

    As time went on, and PDHM grew, Richard and Marcus wanted just more than a few "Battlefield Wins". They wanted to take that family connection of PDHM and establish it within other major Essports games. At first it seemed like an impossible and daunting task, but Richard and Marcus knew what they were up against and the obstacles they were about to face.