Esports - Our Story

Posted: Feb 17, 2020

    "January 4th, 2020": A date that will never be forgotten by everyone at PDHM as it marks the Organization's transition into Esports. PDHM's first appearance was at SoCal Esports: A 5v5 Call of Duty competition in Hunting Beach, CA. Heading into SoCal, the entire PDHM Organization was optimistic about the team they had brought to the competition, but was also kept on their toes the entire time. "This Competition is an investment, from both of our own pockets " -(CEO Richard Rivera & CAO Marcus Anderberg). After battling out 4 games, PDHM finished 2nd out of 11 teams in SoCal. -This was not only a huge victory in the books for PDHM, but the start of a gaming competition marathon. 

Over the next 3 months (Early January 2020 - Late March 2020) PDHM would dominate in different competitions all over the Esports League, earning Four gold medals; (1/18/2020 AFD Miami Champions, 2/3/2020 Helix 2v2, 3/2/2020 Level13 Fortnite zone war Solo, and 3/15/2020 Fortnite DBG March Madness Duo). Two Silver Medals; (1/04/2020 SoCal Esports 5v5, and 2/15/2020 Helix Esports 5v5), and Two Bronze Medals;  1/18/2020 Helix Esports 5v5, and 2/28/2020 Fortnite Level13 Zone war solo).  - PDHM even placed 9th out of 60 in a Gears of War tournament in Mexico City, Mexico. 

The Most noticable aquistion by the PDHM Organization comes in early April, when they signed an All pro Gears 5 team. This All-Pro team is PDHM's largest venture into the ESports world, and it's only the beginning,