About Us


  • Richard Rivera

    OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

    The son of an immigrant, a man of great prestige, and a fearless commander. Richard built this organization with a few loyal followers and a belief that every man deserves a home. He is large in stature with a deep bellowing voice that could inspire Alexander himself. Some of his men even joke that he is made of iron. Richard believes in taking calculated risks to achieve greatness stating “life is for the living” as he plunges himself into the thick of hardship emerging victorious. If an army invaded hell itself, he would be leading the vanguard. Hail Caesar.

  • Marcus Anderberg

    Co-Founder/Deputy CEO

    Marcus "D3m0nar" Anderberg has been a part of the esport scene since 2003/2004 where he played competetive "Delta force Black Hawk down" later to play professional Quake 3/live. He joined PDHM back in 2011 quickly becoming a lifelong friend of Richards and has always been a guiding voice in our CEO's ear. After a few years break from esports he decided to study music production, while knowing Gaming and Esports was still a conerstone in his life. He returned to PDHM in early 2020 and with Richard and the help from others has created what they had always envisioned in the glory days.

  • Javier Fernandez

    Chief Operating Officer

    Javier "Akoasm" Fernandez is one of the many cornerstones of PDHM, currently he is the COO of PDHM and former COD Player as well. In 2015 Javier had brought along the Competitive COD scene in which helped bloom the Competitive nature you see today within PDHM, Javier had played under PDHM during the CWL BO3 season and had success. Now, Javier is currently helping to develop the Social Media and Merchandise presence with the help of the community and staff. In hopes to fulfill the dreams and ideas of PDHM, this story is still being written..

  • Ryan Laks

    Managing Partner

    Ryan "JerZ" Laks was a member of the PDHM Battlefield 3 Competitive scene and has stuck around for the years since, becoming one of the Board members of the current organization. Through this process we have built life long friendships that continue to grow and flourish. "I wouldn't change any of this for the world"

  • Jaxon cummings

    Chief Financial Officer/ Hand of the King

    A man of principal and loyalty, Jaxon has lived his life following these cornerstones. With a BA in intelligence and national security, he made a great impact on the organization in the early years of development heading the recruitment of future generations that led us to where we are today. Steadfast in his belief that PDHM is the beginning and the end. The man is a reincarnation of Napoleons Old Guard General Cambronne stating “The Guard dies but does not surrender”.

  • Devon "AzzaultSZN" Jones

    Content Creation Manager

    Devon “AzzaultSZN” Jones has been gaming his whole life. Competing in Call Of Duty competitively winning across multiple titles, and creating content throughout the last few years Joining PDHM during Modern Warfare, switching streaming then to finally switching roles to YouTube Content Manager

  • Jay Rivera

    Fortnite Team Manager/ Owners Rep

  • Daniel Lui

    CSGO Team Manager

    Daniel "Graveytrain" Lui grew up with gaming due to his two older brothers beginning with the Nintendo 64. As he grew up he saw his brothers play more and more competitive games and it caused him to yearn for the challenge. Daniel joined PDHM in (rich add the year i dont remember) and he played competitve Battlefield 4. As time went on he grew farther away from consoles and got a PC and started to play Counter Strike Global Offensive in 2015. As CSGO manager he takes care of the players as well as joining them in playing matches, as well as taking care of the community as a mod and a streamer. He took a few years hiatus and now he's back to help PDHM to take over the world. Also has the best hair in the organization

  • Julian

    Mobile Esports Manager

    Julian "MonkeyBear" Alonso has been playin videogames all his life, his first time playing a game was when he was 3 years old and played on lego.com. Since then he has been playing all sorts of games. His first touch with esports was in the mobile game "Critical Ops" were he played competitively for 2 years. Sine then he has started to work for several esports orgs as a Mobile Esports manager, now specialised in the popular competitive mobile game "PUBG mobile". He has recently moved countries from Spain to Kazakhstan .

  • Orniel

    Orniel “N3ptune” Ventura is far from a newcomer in competitive, professional gaming. Starting from competitive Fortnite, achieving multiple first place LAN placements to achieving the highest ranks in Rocket League and Destiny 2 while maintaining a job at Google as a software engineer at the age of 17, now is currently a college freshman at Massachusett Institute of Technology . As Lead Mod/ IT professional for PDHM, N3ptune is responsible for daily oversite and moderation of one of the most important aspects of PDHM.. Its community, whether its helping the team get back online, fix their stream or boot a malware bot, N3ptune will get the job done.

  • Julian Reyes


    Julian "Ares" Reyes has been playing video games his entire life but has only been playing competitive COD recently. Although he's only started recently he hopes one day to compete with the pros. This has led him to PDHM where he has been introduced to the world of esports not just Call of Duty and hopes he can help build PDHM into a thriving company.