Content Creators

  • Devon “AzzaultSZN” Jones has been gaming his whole life. Competing in Call Of Duty competitively winning across multiple titles, and creating content throughout the last few years Joining PDHM during Modern Warfare, switching streaming then to finally switching roles to YouTube Content Manager

    Devon "Azzault SZN" Jones

    Media Content Manager

  • Paul "PaulieBeams" Cunniff has been a major part of the gaming scene for over a decade. He fell in love with FPS while playing Halo and quickly transitioned his skill on the sticks to the Call of Duty franchise. In 2007 he joined OpTic Gaming as a deadly accurate sniper and someone you definitely did not want to challamge to a 1v1 on shipment. He has now settled with the PDHM family to stream and create content for all to enjoy!

    Paul Cunniff

    Content Creator/ Assistant CC Manager

    Darren Thompson

    Streamer/ Content Creator

    Juan Zapata

    Streamer/ Content Creator

    Christian "Static" Castilleja

    Content Creator

    Adam Rose

    Content Creator

    Wade Jenson

    Content Creator